inspirasi 1

Friends Forever

A while ago I met a stranger who gave me a nice smile

A smile that sowed a special seed

A seed a friendship

The seed flourished into a strong, steady, and solid friendship

A friendship that was full of fun and laughter!

A friendship wherw we shared our greatest joys

And also our greatest disasters

We discover many interesting things together

And the most important thing that we discovered was our friendship

A friendship which so so so strong that nothing could separate it

A friendship thar is the best gift in life

One that I will treasure forever

Thanks for being honest, kind, and sincere!

Thanks for the encouragments that made me succeed!

Thanks for your time and patience!

Thanks for forgiving me when I’m wrong!

Thanks for keeping my secrets!

Thanks for remebering my special days!

Thanks for giving me help when I needed it!

Thanks for listening to me eventhough you’re busy!

Thanks for your generosity and unselfishness!


(created by GAVRILA A – VII-4/19,

Saturday, 08.30 am, 23 Oct 2010)


About Andreas Tjatur

Selamat datang di new water fall. Terima kasih telah mengunjungi website ini. God bless you.
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